What are the dangers of low-cost wall covering?

With the rapid development of the wall covering market, Chinese wall coverings face a mixed development with varying levels of quality. In terms of the “low-cost wall covering” in the existing market, several wall coverings, ten blocks, fourteen five-piece wall coverings are everywhere,

Alignment cutting with sublevel caving mining method

In order to improve the production capacity of the ore and adapt to the characteristics of this mining method, the use of circular transport systems is often used in the stage of transportation. In the circular transportation system, there are two forms of loading and transporting the roadway and l

Ball mill lining type, ball mill lining function

Liner is an important part of the ball mill equipment , its role is to protect the cylinder, end cover (board) from wear. The liner needs to be replaced periodically, so its construction should be easy to replace. Lining materials are: metal material (manganese steel, chrome steel, etc.) and two ki

Sichuan realizes full coverage of NB-IOT network

New Concept of China Instrument Network Instrumentation On July 5th, China Telecom Sichuan Corporation convened a NB-IOT commercial conference with the theme of “Zhilian All Things Huihui Future”, announcing that China Telecom Sichuan Company has fully completed NB network coverage and

What is gangue, surrounding rock, waste rock?

The part of the ore that has no use value or cannot be used is called gangue. For example, tungsten ore is mostly formed in the quartz vein, and this quartz vein is called gangue. The rock around the ore body is called a surrounding rock. The surrounding rock in the upper part of the ore body is ca

Vertical particle packaging machine

Introduction: Vertical particle Packaging Machine is mainly composed of packaging material conveying mechanism, forming mechanism, sealing mechanism, feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, rack, etc. It has good integrity, high movement accuracy, safety and reliability, and easy operation.