What is the service life of each security product?

Security products are varied! Such as monitors, cameras, hard disk recorders and so on. While people are concerned about the use of results, another concern is the service life. The service life of various types of security products varies and varies. The life of a CRT monitor is approximately 6

Factors affecting the magnetic separation process

1. What factors affect the magnetic separation effect of the magnetic separator itself? There are many factors affecting the magnetic separation effect. As for the magnetic separator itself, there are the following points: 1) The number of revolutions of the magnetic separator barrel; 2) magnetic

What is the screening efficiency? How to calculate?

The sieving efficiency refers to the ratio of the weight of the under-slung product actually obtained at the time of sieving to the weight of the granules which is smaller than the size of the mesh in the sieving material, and is generally expressed as a percentage. Calculation formula E=[100(ab)]/

Computer aided drawing of mine map

The computer-aided drawing of the mine map is essentially based on the specific requirements of the mine map drawing. With the support of the computer database and the drawing software, a special mine map drawing system is developed to complete the automatic drawing process of the mine map. The comp