Protection and treatment of lead poisoning

Oxidation smelting process and other metallurgical cupellation pyrometallurgical production of noble metal, a large amount of lead contained in the raw material is oxidized to lead oxide into the flue gas, the production of polluting workplace and its surroundings. In the hydrometallurgy of preciou

Telluride in semiconductor applications

Antimonide semiconductor (ABCS) mainly refers to two yuan Ga, In, Al and other elements of the group â…¢ Sb, As and other elements â…¤ compound formed, ternary, and quaternary compound semiconductor material, such as GaSb, InSb, AlGaSb, InAsSb AlGaAsSb, InGaAsSb, etc., their lattice constan

Qiangtang irrigation cloth

It is to build a dike with impervious materials on the surface of a flat pile, and build a number of ponds, then pump the leachate into it and infiltrate into the heap. The advantage of this liquid distribution method is low energy consumption, no acid mist, and is beneficial to the health of the o

Common technical equipment for diamond dressing

Since it is necessary to pay attention to protecting the crystal of the diamond from being damaged (or minimizing the secondary crushing rate), equipment for lower crushing strength or selective crushing is often used in the selection of crushing and grinding equipment. Common conical and jaw crush

Transgenic test papers in transgenic rice rapid test

Rice is one of the most important economic crops in China. The rice obtained through rice cultivation is also an indispensable staple food source for all three meals a day. Therefore, with the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the safety of r

Use of hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones are mainly used in the beneficiation industry for classification, sorting, concentration and de-sludge. Therefore, the hydrocyclone can generally be divided into two types for classification and heavy medium selection. Here we mainly introduce the hydrocyclone for classification, whic