Boron mine comprehensive utilization technology

Many sorting boron ore, ore types according to their different sorting methods used are different. The selection methods of different types of mines are shown in Table 1. The principle process flow is shown in Table 2. The commonly used mineral processing methods include magnetic separation, flotat

Doppler Concentric Tube Lubrication Equipment

Dopsey is committed to leading the lubrication industry toward energy conservation and environmental protection. It is committed to the research and application of micro lubrication for the machining industry and the continuous introduction of new products in combination with practical application

Guizhou Tire's first-quarter results turn profitable

On April 15, 2017, Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. announced that it expects to turn a profit in the first quarter of 2017 into a profit. Some Guizhou steel light truck tires According to the announcement, the net profit attributable to shareholders of Guizhou Tire in the first quarter was estimated