2016 LED industry overseas merger failure case

After years of resource precipitation, Chinese LED companies have achieved certain market share and industry status in China. However, it is very difficult to stand out in the international market. To this end, the acquisition of overseas international brands through capital is undoubtedly one of th

China's machinery industry "drying equipment" prospects

From January to September 2012, the trading index of machinery and equipment for drying equipment can be seen that the boom of drying equipment products is relatively stable. In February, there was a larger month-on-month decline and a month-on-month decrease of 26.3%. In March and April, there was

CSC5070GJY4 type fuel truck

First, the chassis configuration: Made by Dongfeng Dollyka chassis, the chassis model is: DFA1070SJ35D6, the engine horsepower is: 99 hp towards Chai, the wheelbase is 3300MM, and the tire is: 7.00 wire tire. With front disc brake, ABS, speed limit device. Second, the top tank configuration: