Tiankang pressure transmitter instrument pointer failure

Transmitter will inevitably have some problems in the process of use, the following analysis and treatment methods in the oil production process in the instrument pointer failure problem. First, the instrument pointer indicates zero 1. When the transmitter high-pressure conduit is blocked or leak

Power cable fire protection technology

The flammability and stringiness of power cables will cause serious damage in the event of a fire, especially in power plants and large substations. Once a fire occurs, it will affect other circuits. Therefore, the fire protection technology of power cables is one of the important technologies for

Multi-plate vacuum filter application

Multi-plate vacuum filter application Core tips: Application of multi-disc vacuum filter in the application of multi-plate vacuum filter and Shi Bao Wang Yanchang 2 (1. Henan Light Industry School, Zhengzhou 450005, Henan, China; 2. China Light Industry Machinery Corporation Anyang Machinery Plan