Emergency vehicle assembly Allison automatic transmission

In recent years, the replacement of manual transmissions with automatic transmission technology has become a trend in the fire and emergency rescue vehicle industry. More and more fleet operators tend to choose safety and efficiency. Under the full pressure and dangerous operating conditions, the

Problems in instrumentation industry and countermeasures

In recent years, although China's environmental protection instrumentation has made certain progress, it is far from meeting actual needs in terms of variety and quantity. Moreover, problems such as low monitoring frequency, large sampling error, and inaccurate monitoring data also occ

Mercedes-Benz parts total price is 12 times the vehicle?

Recently, the China Insurance Industry Association and the China Automobile Maintenance Association jointly issued the "zero-to-all ratio" of domestic common models (the ratio of the sum of the price of all vehicle parts and the price of the entire vehicle), and disclosed for the

Raptor robot speed comparable to cheetah

A sprinting robot was designed by the researchers of the Institute of Advanced Science and Technology of Korea (HANS Institute) MSC Laboratory. But unlike Boston Dynamics' "Cheetah" modeled on the fastest mammals currently living on