Lighting demand is booming LED chip expansion "tangled"

Reporting our view on the LED industry is "the first half of the year is not worried about demand, do not worry about supply in the second half of the year", recently we investigated the LED industry chain, entering the industry peak season in March, the strong orders of lighting manufact

Politically-driven, new energy vehicle "seeds and beans"

It is the normal “input and output” industry logic to grow beans and grow seeds. The development plan for the new energy automobile industry in China has designed the sales volume in 2015 to be 500,000, and in 2020 it is 5 million, but in 2013, Even the threshold of 20,000 vehicles can

Identification of true and false outlets

Socket still fake? Buying a fake switch socket wastes money and the worst thing is that the switch socket is safe for home use, so it cannot be overlooked. In the market, the switch sockets are of various types and are of various types. The well-known brand switches are frequently used by

Robot doctor offers surgery in the universe

Beijing April 14 news, you can imagine two steel arm surgery on your stomach? Can you imagine performing surgery in outer space? Recently, foreign media reported that NASA cooperated with virtual incision in Lincoln, Nebraska, in order to resolve

Several common classifications of stainless steel

Stainless steel products are very common in life, but it is not a simple matter to be able to distinguish what kind of stainless steel it is. Here are some common stainless steel materials: Austenitic stainless steel The matrix is ​​mainly composed of an austenitic structur