Positive heat pump is good quality guarantee good sales

It is true that the heat pump sales have been increasing year by year. To a certain extent, it is inseparable from its quality. An annual average COP value of more than 4.0, but also can give almost zero fault, zero maintenance slogan products, it does not want to be "chasing" are difficu

LED factory warmed up in March

LED backlight demand is effective in advance, and LED lighting demand continues to warm up, welcoming the second season of the industry peak season, LED factory has warmed up in advance in March, many manufacturers took the lead to climb the peak. LED factory's March revenue performance is bri

Summer tire maintenance analysis

According to the International Driving Safety Survey, traffic accidents in rainy days are about five times higher than usual. Summer rains have a lot of rainfall, the roads are slippery, and tires' adhesion is reduced. They put a lot of tests on automobile tires. The tire pressure is too hig

Hande Axle Successfully Lands in US Market

On April 8th, 2014, Foton Daimler held the "Australian GTL Super Edition Global Release" ceremony in Indiana, USA. The Auman GTL Super Heavy Trucks that matched the Hande Axle officially launched in the world. This marks Hande Axle successfully landed on the U.S. market, and environmenta