Pioneering the Arctic ship and sea market

The acceleration of global warming has made the contours of the Arctic route more and more clear, and the successful launch of the China Ocean Shipping (Group) Corporation's “Yongsheng” as the first flight of the Arctic marks that China has joined the ranks of pioneering Arctic ship

Yaxing Bus Gets 120 Bus Orders in Urumqi

A few days ago, Urumqi had publicly invited tenders for the purchase of public transport vehicles. Eventually, Yaxing Buses won the favor and seized 120 orders for clean fuel buses. It is understood that this passenger car is a natural gas city bus for the Central and Western regions. The vehicle

Does the car air-conditioning heating consume fuel?

The temperature difference between morning and evening in winter is different. When the temperature is colder in the evening, it is inevitable that you need to turn on the car air conditioner to warm up. Has anyone ever asked whether turning on car air conditioners will not waste oil? Some people

No tingling blood sugar levels in diabetics

Diabetics may be able to use respiratory equipment without pain and can easily monitor their blood glucose levels, according to a new study published in the 2013 American Association of Scientists (AAPS) this week in San Antonio, Texas. Developed