Fuel saving method for driving truck crane

The small displacement with the crane has a lighter curb weight, with a smaller engine, should be more fuel-efficient than the high-level models. In fact, this is also the case in developed countries. However, the domestic situation is rather special, and th

GKJS17A Insulated Arm Height Car Adds Vitality to XCMG

At present, XCMG's folding boom and telescopic boom series of aerial work vehicles have gradually become serialized. In order to meet the diversified needs of the market, the first GKJS17A insulated boom aerial work vehicle will be completed in October 2013. The successful trial production of t

·Jiangxi steadily promotes National IV motor gasoline

On November 8th, it was learned from Sinopec Jiangxi Petroleum Branch that Jiangxi Province steadily promoted National IV motor gasoline. By the end of this year, the province will supply motor gasoline that meets the national fourth-stage standard. According to the principle of “first repla