Scana receives orders for propulsion systems and propellers

Recently, Scana Industrier ASA signed two new contracts through its subsidiary Scania Propulsion, including the delivery of a propulsion system to the Klevin Shipyard; and the provision of tunnels to the Nordic Shipyard and the Guangzhou Maritime Rescue Bureau. Propeller. The total value of the two

Bridgestone shows the direction of future tire development

Recently, Bridgestone has brought its latest cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, as well as main products covering passenger cars, trucks, trucks, and even aircraft tires, to participate in this year's Guangzhou Auto Show, demonstrating that companies can explore sustainabl

Analysis of System Parameters of Small Weather Station

The small weather station is mainly used as a detection instrument for measuring various parameters in the outdoor air. It connects multiple sensors and measures multiple parameters at the same time. Up to 13 parameters can be measured at the same time, including carbon dioxide concentra

Electronic universal testing machine loading precautions

Electronic universal testing machine in the loading process will be a lot of problems, how to solve these problems? 1, severe oil system oil spills, oil system oil spill generally present buffer valve, return valve, valve, pump and piping connections, after tightening the screws can be padded. If

Green concept bionic architect law nature

The so-called 4D printing technology, which is self-assembling Self Assembly, its concept is to see the protein, will join the composition of the chemical reaction, apply it in the field of architecture and furniture, so that people save the troub

Cooper Tire to open new distribution center in Serbia

According to reports, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company recently announced that it will cooperate with logistics company Milsped to start a distribution center in Serbia. The new distribution center is located near Milsped’s headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia and is expected to be opera