Wrecker Transmission Tips

Wrecker Transmission Tips With automatic transmission, people can complete the driving of the car between the throttle and the brake. It is very easy. If the owner neglects to maintain the automatic transmission, the delicate automatic transmission is pron

Tanker should perform proper maintenance work

Tankers should perform proper maintenance. Tankers should perform proper maintenance. In the process of daily use of tank trucks, proper maintenance work should be carried out, because the special nature of tankers is particularly important for maintenance.

Industrial compressor room and compressor noise treatment

The compressor is a driven fluid machine that raises low pressure gas to high pressure. It is the heart of the refrigeration system. It sucks low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, drives the piston through the motor and compresses it, and then discharges high-tempe

Concrete mixer truck tank and tank installation

The concrete tanker and the blades of the concrete mixer truck are made of low-alloy steel. The tank body adopts olive-shaped structure. The blades of the mixing cylinder adopt double spiral curved blades. The blades of the mixing cylinder are welded to wea

Fujitsu Wandant Pedometer Prepare for Dogs

Since Fujitsu has created a pedometer and activity tracking service for dogs. Forget the pedometer, where can I get this cute dog? Some leftovers on the table, some extra treats, are not dog food at all and can easily care for your pet. Soon after

What is the working principle of the gear lubrication pump?

Stainless steel gear pumps, gear pumps, lubricating oil pumps, When the gear lubricating pump is in operation, the rotary pump formed by the change in the working volume formed between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear and moving to convey the liquid to make it pressurized.     Â

LNG car ownership will grow exponentially

The "2012 China Natural Gas Vehicle Development Forum" was held yesterday in Haikou City, Hainan Province, with the theme of "Promoting the Health and Sustainable Development of Natural Gas Vehicles". Competent departments, industries, and enterprises jointly discussed the stat