Domestic CNC machine tool control system is weak

The core technologies of high-performance CNC systems, electric spindles, nano-precision gratings and other functional components and complete machine design and manufacturing are the most critical factors for the development of high-end CNC machine tools. The numerical control system is

Cars are used in hot and plateau areas

Hot area In use, according to the characteristics of high temperatures in hot areas, in order to meet the normal operation of the car, the engine should be overheated. Do not exceed the engine temperature of 95 °C. Check the amount of cooling water fre

Far East Drives Heavy Duty Truck Drive Axis

In the past few days, Xuchang Far East Driveshaft Co., Ltd. has stepped up production of specially-installed heavy-duty driveshafts and plans to present a big gift to the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Chinese automobile industry. Specially-installed heavy trucks are necessary vehicle

China's auto parts need to be introduced

The auto parts standard is still not perfect. At the same time, the imperfections in the standards have also constrained the development of China's auto parts industry to a certain extent. The weaknesses in the parts and components system have made Chinese cars less competitive internationally

Thermal gas mass flow meter principle

QE600 series hot gas mass flowmeter   First, the principle of thermal gas flowmeter     Thermal mass flow meter using the principle of thermal diffusion, thermal diffusion technique is a kind of good performance under severe conditions, high-reliability technology. Which typically c

Odor analysis and solutions in car use

People are happy that they can spray perfumes to express their emotions. Cars also use scent to express their emotions. Different smells represent faults in different parts of the car. Will your nose be repaired? Related Reading Autumn Car Conservation Col

Ninghai mold industry five development goals

The Ninghai mold industry has developed rapidly, but it has continued to work hard and has formulated a series of development goals. It is reported that these goals are mainly manifested in: First, to further strengthen the regional characteristics, improve the mold layout system; promot