Food safety testing instruments have a bright future

In recent years, the frequent occurrence of domestic food safety accidents, from food additives to pesticide residues, has all shown that China's food safety problems are extremely serious. As food safety concerns the health of the people, it is related to economic development and soci

Shiyan opens the Auto Parts Inspection Center

On November 27, the National Automobile Parts Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shiyan) project was laid in the Longmen Industrial Park in Shiyan Economic Development Zone. Shiyan City, as "the world's commercial vehicle capital" and the country's only automotive key com

Practice of gear pressing and cutting operations

In order to meet the needs of production, the tooth profile of the pre-grinding hob is based on a large number of theoretical analysis, computer simulation hobbing and cutting test. The selection criteria of the tooth profile of the pre-grinding hob are formulated. The head clearance coefficient of

LED: Looking for a good start in the "infancy"

To some extent, LED is in its infancy, although LED has already passed the infancy in terms of time, but my feeling is that it will go a long way in the future. LED inventor Nick Helenak told the media in October this year. This year is the 50th anniversary of the birth of LED. It is not unreasonab

·Shaanxi passed the school bus management regulations

On the afternoon of November 26, Shaanxi Governor Zhao Zhengyong presided over the 20th executive meeting of the provincial government this year. The deliberation and principled adoption of the decision on accelerating the urbanization and the implementation of the “Regulations on the Safety