Delphi Aibo Bin: Will localize in the end

Delphi Global Senior Vice President Aibo Bin is Delphi's first employee sent to China in 1993. He has been living in China for more than 10 years. He likes Chinese culture and likes to use Wenyu's idioms to summarize Delphi's development opportunities in China. And challenges.

Brief description of welded hard seal butterfly valve

Guilong butterfly valve product features 1, and direct welding pipe assembly, the user does not need flange flange, save costs; 2, using high quality alloy steel welding, with a small volume. Light weight, good surface quality, high cleanliness, and low flow resistance; 3, the use of multi-level

AkzoNobel's World's Largest Office Settled in Shanghai

China Drying Network News AkzoNobel has officially opened its new office in Shanghai, China. The new office is located at the 1788 International Center, which has passed the US LEED Gold certification and can accommodate nearly 1,000 employees. It is AkzoNobel's largest global office in the wo