How to determine the amount of smart * *

Experimental steps: (1) Turn on the power switch, the instrument will control the furnace body temperature automatically. (2) Open the sulfur meter gas pump switch and check for leaks. Then adjust the gas flow to about 1000mL/min. Turn on the stirrer switch to see if the speed is right.

Intelligent Lighting Trend: AFS Follow-up Steering

At present, the domestic medium-sized vehicles are equipped not only with xenon lamps, but also with more functions: follow-up steering, static auxiliary lighting, lenses, headlight cleaning, and automatic opening etc.. Among them, the highest technological content and the most useful one

Which direction should the fertilizer industry develop?

Zhang Zhixin, deputy general manager of Batian Co., Ltd.: Fertilizer companies can not only stand on the perspective of production to think about issues, but also stand on the food chain to think about the company's development strategy. Why do many people nowadays reflect that the melons grow

ACC: Chemical outlook is not optimistic next year

The American Chemical Industry Council (ACC) conducted a year-end inventory of the global chemical industry on December 13. The ACC analysis pointed out that from the various signs, the recovery trend of the world economy since the end of 2009 has now basically stopped. Such an economic environmen