Logistics terminology

3· Basic Concepts Terminology 3.1 Item Articles The economic activities involve the physical flow of material information. 3·2 Logistics Logistics The flow of goods from the place of supply to the physical location of the receiving site. According to actual needs, the basic functi

What are the prices of auto parts and raw materials?

At the beginning of the new year 2010, the auto parts industry ushered in a wave of product price increases. It is reported that this increase in raw material prices not only brings great cost pressure to the automaker, but also brings heavy cost pressure to auto parts companies. Accordin

The export value has doubled in half a year

"Now one phrase is popular: In overseas markets, Chinese cars are not afraid of foreigners and they are afraid of 'other people knowing what happened'." Zhang Hao's voice just fell and the audience laughed. This is an episode of the "China International Forum on