Tight supply of acrylic market bullish

In 2009, the market price of acrylic acid in China was an overall increase, with an increase of about 30% for the whole year. This year’s upward trend has continued with the gradual recovery of the economy. “Now the price of refined acid in the acrylic acid market is roughly 17,600 yua

Fasteners directory

1 GB/T 10433-2002 Cylindrical head studs for arc stud welding 2 GB/T 15856.1-2002 Self-drilling self-drilling screw for cross recessed pan head 3 GB/T 15856.2-2002 Self-drilling Self-drilling Screw for Cross recessed countersink 4 GB/T 15856.3-2002 Self-drilling self-drilling screws wit

Ningbo Auto Parts Exports $100 Million in July

The latest statistics from Ningbo Customs show that from January to July 2010, the city’s total exports of auto parts and components were US$590 million, an increase of 60.7% over the same period of 2009. Among them, the export value of auto parts in July was 100 million U.S. dollars,

High-performance fiber industry assembled in Liaoning

On August 17, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council presided over the second plenary session of the State Council Leading Group for the Revitalization of the Old Industrial Bases in Northeast China, and proposed that the Northeast China and other old industrial bases should achieve new leapfrogs