Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry achieved patent breakthrough

Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry achieved zero breakthrough in patents, and the elongated casting hole casting device for metal castings won the national utility model patent. Recently, the elongated cast iron casting device for metal castings developed by Shaanxi Diesel Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. obtain

6500 MVA impact generator reaches international level

The China Machinery Industry Federation recently organized a 6500 MVA impact generator identification meeting in Xi'an. The experts agreed that the main performance indicators of the 6500 MVA impact generator independently developed by Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. have r

Quality analysis of steel bar joints of steel bars

1. Insufficient welding strength of steel bars. If there is no problem in confirming the quality of steel bars, there are mainly the following reasons; (1) The end face of the welded steel bar is unqualified. For example, the gap between the two steel bars is too large, and the en