Profile control car

Profile management injection llocationvehicle Equipped with power pumps, manifolds, containers and other devices, can be formulated with different media, injected into the well, special structure for the adjustment of the water absorption profile of the spe

Concrete mixer truck

Concrete mixer carrier Equipped with a mixing drum, spiral blade, power system and other equipment, it is used for transporting concrete tank-type transport vehicles. Click to see all the concrete mixer trucks included in the China Automotive Network >

JAC Light Card Winner Wants RMB100 Million Orders

JAC Light Trucks successfully won the bidding for the “Wanted China's Special Wanted Car” campaign organized by Want Want Group. The total purchase of Jianghuai State III light trucks was nearly 2,600 units worth more than 200 million yuan, setting a record for the single transacti

Sinopec Adds Hydrogen Unit to Realize Transit

Recently, Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. implemented the combined hydrogen generation unit of Sinopec Luoyang Branch, which is the general contractor of EPC, and grandly held an engineering handover ceremony. The middle handover ceremony was presided over by Zheng Guodong, deputy manag

Supervision vehicle

Supervising vehicle With alarm devices installed, it is used for vehicles, agricultural machinery, environment, tourism, etc. Click to view all supervision vehicle products included in China Automotive Network Baby RockerGood Hope Industry & Trade Co., L