BASF launches polyurethane energy-saving new products

Recently, the reporter learned from BASF China that BASF has recently developed a number of energy-saving and eco-friendly polyurethane products that will be showcased at the 2008 Asian PU Exhibition in Shanghai in early September. According to reports, the polyurethane products and application te

Well test vehicle

Well testing truck wirelingtruck Equipped with test equipment, winch and other equipment, used for oil, gas, wells sampling, detection of sand surface, wax, salvage, testing and other operations of the special structure of the special operation of the car.

Pay attention to your riding habit

Do you have less riding habit, if there is, would you please get rid of as soon as possible! If not, please continue to keep! 1, Smoking Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the staff of the crematorium really grateful to you! 2, eat cold Estimate your specialist production of "Nichol