Double Star Rubber Machine Continues to Serve "Leading Edge"

Under the severe market situation, after-sales service personnel of the Double Star Machinery Corporation moved many users with sincere service and seized the market. Recently, Double Star Rubber Machinery Company re-established a cooperative relationship with a large-scale tape factory in Shandong

Investing in Phosphorus Chemicals Western Mining Minerals

After possessing the phosphate resources, Western Mining has invested in the phosphor chemical industry related to it. As Western Mining has always been the leading producer of non-ferrous metals such as lead, zinc and copper, this time it opened up the “Phosphorus Chemical Battlefield”

Logging vehicle

Logging truck logging truck It is equipped with winches, metering detection and control devices, etc. It is used for special well-structured work vehicles such as logging and perforating in oil and gas wells. Click to see all the logging truck products inc