24 hours "stare" in the production of chemical enterprises

As one of the pilot towns of the city's safety production emergency monitoring platform, the first phase of the Zhangjiamu Town Safety Production Emergency Rescue Command Platform was put into use before the National Day. Through video and mobile phones, it can provide real-time information on

Fangyuan Group star PT7528 flat head tower crane turned out

Recently, Fangyuan Group's tower crane family has added new members. The first Fangyuan PT7528 flat-head tower crane has been successfully installed at the Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. It indicates that Fangyuan Group also has the production capacity and level of advanced TC series and PT serie

Liu Chang Cheng Long 609 Debuts at ASEAN Expo

All along, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile will launch a new truck-type news. It has attracted wide attention from the commercial vehicle industry and has also attracted the interest of industry competitors and truck users. Although a variety of news and industry rumors have occasionally appeared in v