The difference between pneumatic tools and electric tools

1. According to the weight of the volume ratio of output power In the same case of output power, smaller and lighter than power tools. 2. No overload fault Even pneumatic tools overload occurs. Tools just stop turning, once the overload phenomenon is relieved to resume normal operation, the too

ZGB slurry pump

ZGB series of slurry pump horizontal, single stage, single suction, cantilever, double pump housing, centrifugal slurry pump. The same size of ZGB and ZGBP type slurry pump flow components can be interchangeable. Shape mounting dimensions exactly the same. ZGB series of slurry pump drive part of t

Select water ring vacuum pump considerations

Select water ring vacuum pump considerations First, determine the type of water ring vacuum pump The type of water ring vacuum pump mainly depends on the media used, the volume of gas required for operation, the degree of vacuum or the discharge pressure. Water ring vacuum pump after normal work

Briquette Machine Increases Utilization of Coal Ash

Due to the adjustment of the production plant, the briquette machine is often idle. So, maintaining of the briquetting plant is very important in the daily production of the briquette machine. Otherwise, you should clean the salvage stores and the surface timely. You`d better site a dedicat

Sand Maker/Artificial Sand Making Machine/Sand Crusher

  This sand production line has features of high automation, low operating costs, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large output, convenient maintenance, uniform granularity and good shape of the products, reasonable gradation, and the produced sand conforms to the nationa

Ford China's strategic momentum is positive

Crankshaft is the core of the power end,  it is the key transmission components of mud pump, more an important safety component. Crankshaft must have sufficient rigidity and fatigue strength. Therefore, the crankshaft is made of ZG35CrMoRe through precision casting. The material has an excel