Austrian Chemical expands bio-bactericide production capacity

Driven by the increasing demand in the global market, the Austrian chemical company plans to expand its biofungicide production facilities in Suzhou, China. It will also expand its biological facilities in Rochester, New York, and Sooke, Ireland. Bactericide and intermediate production capacity. L

Yuchai's sales in March achieved another great result

Yuchai’s March was particularly hot. In March, the domestic excavator market entered a traditional sales season, and Yuchai excavator sales increased significantly over the same period of last year, achieving sales of approximately 1,000 units. It is reported that since February of this y

"Made in China" cannot be underestimated

In recent years, there has been a high demand for promoting the ability to “create China” as quickly as possible. The reason is that quite a lot of the equipment technologies needed in China for many years have mainly depended on imports. After the equipment technology is imported, what

Closure of chlor-alkali project in northern Gansu Province

With the coordination and cooperation of relevant departments of the China Weapons Industry Group Gansu Yinguang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. and various construction units, Gansu North Santai Company's annual output of 100,000 tons of chlor-alkali project has been progressing in an orderl

Petroleum and Chemical Industry Top Priority

The Ministry of Science and Technology will select a number of major energy-saving and emission-reducing projects and provide financial support. The High-tech Division of the Ministry of Science and Technology issued last week a Notice on the Collection of Major Scientific and Technological Project

Jizhong seamless steel pipe line opened in Jiangyin

The 273 unit seamless steel pipe production project developed by Jinan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which is of significance to the seamless steel pipe industry in China, was officially rolled out of the pipeline. The perforated red steel pipe was pierced, rolled, sizing, and straightened. The four ma