Horitonzal fluid bed dryer machine

XF Horitonzal Fluid Bed Dryer machine suitable for drying powder and granules material such as raw materials in pharmaceutical industry,granule materials for pressing tablet.infusion of Chinese medicine,in chemical industry,drying and damp removing of citric acid,other powder and granules shap

Shanxi backward coke enterprises will all shut down

Recently, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Bureau that Shanxi Province will further regulate the coke that meets industrial policy and shut down all backward and illegal coke production enterprises. Shanxi Province is the largest and most important coke produc

Nuclear power development is just a moment away from autonomy

From March 25 to 27, the biennial China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition held in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center. Nearly 200 exhibitors from 14 countries including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Russia took part in the exhibition with the l

Chemical market encounters two attacks

Under the strong support of increasing costs of energy, raw materials, labor, and logistics, domestic chemical product prices generally continued to rise in March, and prices of individual products rose rapidly. Compared with the previous period, the situation of tight supply and strong demand has