First-line environmental safety margin adequate

Precedent environmental companies in the air, flue gas automatic monitoring market has obvious advantages, the market share has remained at about 30%, the industry first, the other domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers market share of 40% and 30% respectively. As a leader in the domesti

Valve often encountered 10 practical coup coup

1, why cut-off valve should try hard seal? Cut off the valve requires the lower the better leakage, soft-sealing valve leakage is the lowest, of course, cut off the effect, but not wear-resistant, poor reliability. From the leakage is small, sealed and reliable double standards, the soft seal cut of

What are the main interface provided by the inverter?

The secondary connection with the user interface is concentrated in the secondary terminal room of the unit cabinet. The secondary indoor interface board has two terminal banks XT1 and XT2, which are used for connecting with the users. At the bottom of the secondary room There is also a terminal s