Soft seal gate valve friction technology design solutions

First, the technical background: the existing valve in the valve body, valve cover and the components are intact, only a slight deformation or corrosion of the sealing surface, the valve can not be used. Repair these valves non-professional factory does not work, resulting in great waste. Therefore,

Invitation to the Automech Formula 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, It is my honor and pleasure to invite you to participate in the Automech Formula 2017, the Cairo International Motor Show, is the premier and the most prestigious event for the automotive industries in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA). The show is the onl

Valve installation instructions and how to connect them

Be sure to remember what the recommended valve is for and analyze the environment in which it is used to determine what valve is best suited for installation. Before installing the correct valve, read the installation guide to prevent damage to the valve and to ensure that the valve is fully func

Pneumatic knife valve use matters

Pneumatic knife valve made in accordance with different caliber dark rod and rod two forms (dark rod DN50 ~ 900mm, bright rod DN50-900mm), full circular DC channel design does not slag, no jamming. The bottom end of the blade is processed into a knife-edge shape, which has the function of cutting

Inverter technology upgrade development prospects

Inverter is a high technology, high added value, high return of high-tech products. Has been as an important means of saving energy, improving technology, improving equipment operation, protection of production systems, improve production quality. With the development of automation, power electron