China lutong will attend the yiwu fair

2017 Yiwu China Auto & Motorcycle Fair Booth number: D266 Date of exhibition: October 2017 21-24 Venue: East 1 Museum, Yiwu International Expo Center Address: Jiangdong East Street, Jiangdong East Road, No. 59 Contact person: manager Chen (13666931297) In 2017 Ch

Sludge pump technical conditions

    1, Sludge return pump rotation smooth, no stuck, stagnation, vibration and so on.     2, sludge return pump seal air pressure test, test pressure of 0.2Mpa.     3, sludge return pump with dual mechanical seal structure and lip seal structure, mechanical seal to ensu

Gear pump mechanical seal leakage reasons

Gear pumps , gear pumps with a wide range of mechanical seals, different models, but the main points of leakage are the following aspects: (l) seal between sleeve and shaft; (2) between the moving ring and the shaft sleeve seal; (3) moving, static seal between; (4) between the static ring and st