Gear pump insufficient solution to exclude fuel

Gear pump is to use two gears to rotate each other to work on the medium less demanding. General pressure below 6MPa, larger flow. Gear pump in the pump body is equipped with a pair of rotary gear, an active, a passive, relying on the two gear meshing with each other, the entire pump cavity divided

ASCO solenoid valve fault repair methods

There are a number of potential causes for ASCO solenoid failures, so they are considered complex and prone to failure. In fact, they are very simple and very reliable. Many problems are caused by something other than the valve, while others are due to misapplication or incorrect installation. ASCO

DJF1 valve failure and troubleshooting

In the need of high-pressure liquid, while the need for the second high-pressure liquid hydraulic system, often using pressure reducing valve to provide sub-high pressure liquid. D-JF1 valve with reliable action, pressure regulator convenient and flexible, stable and other outstanding advantages. 1.

Electric control valve leakage fault handling methods

Electric control valve with its high precision control, easy installation and commissioning advantages in a variety of industrial control system has been more widely used. However, in the process of using, there are also some problems plaguing the on-site instrumentation personnel, which is the valv

Nice meeting you at IFMAC&WOODMAC Exhibition Indonesia

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for taking time to visit Hebei RFX booth B1-C16 at Jakarta Indonesia IFMAC&WOODMAC. It was a pleasure and honor to have you visited our stall and products.We hope that we were able to answer all of your questions about our products. Reques