Oil-lubricated hard-sealing plug valve

Oil-lubricated hard-sealing plug valves can be divided into conventional oil-lubricated plug valves and pressure-balanced plug valves. Special grease from the top of the plug body into the cone between the body and plug to form a film to reduce valve opening and closing torque, improve sealing and s

Fire pump standby switchover method

Fire pump is the heart of the fire water system. In the fire water system, the installation of fire reserve pump can increase the safety of the entire system, help to improve the reliability of the entire fire water system. Fire water supply system should be equipped with spare fire pump. The main

Overview of circulation pump

Circulation pump: the device conveys the reaction, absorption, separation, absorption fluid regeneration circulating fluid pump. Commonly used single-stage centrifugal pump. Circulating pump flow medium size, stable operating conditions, the pump flow changes smaller. Its low lift, just to overcome

Valve actuator you choose right?

Because more and more factories use automatic control, manual operation is replaced by mechanical or automation equipment, the executive body is required to act as an interface between the control system and the valve mechanical movement, and the implementing agency is required to enhance the work

China's DC UHV metering technology leading the world

On December 15, the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province organized experts from the fields of metrology and electricity in Wuhan to conduct technical appraisal on the project of "Research on 1000kV DC UHV State Metering Standard Device" undertaken by the State High Voltage

Automechanika Shanghai 2017, A öskrandi velgengni

Automechanika Shanghai 2017, A öskrandi velgengni Automechanika Shanghai 2017, sem átti sér stað frá 29. nóvember til 2. desember 2017, hefur staðið að árangursríkustu árangri hingað til. Viðburðurinn er stærsta viðskiptasýnin

Dalian 25 blue sky project completed

According to Dalian Municipal Environmental Testing Center statistics, last year, the number of days of excellent air quality in Dalian reached 270 days, air quality throughout the year in Liaoning Province ranked third in 14 cities. This is the result of 25 tasks completed in Dalian blue sky proj