How to choose the valve

The selection of suitable valve according to the following procedures, one by one inspection, so be selected with the valve to meet their functions, the implementation of the tasks delivered. (1) the characteristics of the valve and the main executive function Understand the characteristics of vario

Corrosion-resistant magnetic pump assembly and maintenance

Corrosion-resistant magnetic pump as the name suggests is a corrosion-resistant pump, mainly for the transport of corrosive liquids. Corrosion-resistant magnetic pump is a more common in recent years, a magnetic pump, which uses the world's best corrosion-resistant materials. But the instrumen

Electric fixed ball valve product features

Q47-type fixed ball valve is a new generation of high-performance ball valve for long-distance pipelines and general industrial pipelines, its strength, safety, resistance to harsh environments and other special considerations in the design, applicable to a variety of corrosive and non-corrosive Sex

How to solve the noise of regulating valve

1) Eliminate the resonance noise method Only when the control valve resonance, only the energy superposition produces strong noise more than 100 dB, some performance is strong vibration, the noise is not big, some vibration is weak, but the noise is very large; some vibration And the noise is greate

Spiral Classifier/Classifier Manufacturer

  Our company produce four types of the classifier which are high weir single screw, high weir double screw, submerged single screw and submerged double screw. The classifier is widely used in the mineral beneficiation plant to work together with the ball mill when forming the closed ci