Ball valve works and the actual role

The working principle of the ball valve is by rotating the valve to make the valve unblocked or blocked. Ball valve switch is light, small size, can be made of large diameter, reliable sealing, simple structure, easy maintenance, sealing surface and the spherical surface is often closed, easy to be

3000 years ago, the original technology can be used!

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently found that ancient firebrick technology could be a low-tech, low-cost method of storing carbon-free energy that makes renewable energy economically viable. One of the obstacles to the large-scale adoption of clean energy is h

Automechanika Shanghai 2017, yon siksè Roaring

Automechanika Shanghai 2017, yon siksè Roaring Automechanika Shanghai 2017, ki te pran plas nan 29 novanm a 2 desanm 2017, ki afiche rezilta ki gen plis siksè li yo nan dat. Evènman an se pi gwo jis komès Azi a pou pati yo otomobil, accessories ak sèvis endistri yo

"YJ" manual and hydraulic throttle features

Applications: - Drilling and completion systems. Features: - Fixed throttle body and adjustable throttle body are interchangeable. - The bonnet and body are metal and metal hermetically sealed. - Adjustable flow valve stem and seat sealing surface surfacing Carbide, corrosion-resistant, erosion-resi