Compressed air system valve selection

Butterfly Valves: These valves shall be lugs or international pipe standard IPS tubular connection port body and shall be manufactured in accordance with the American Society for Valve and Fitting Manufacturers Standards Association MSS-SP67; bore DN50 to DN300 rated working pressure 200 psi non-imp

Extend the pump life Pump normal start-up steps

Preparation before starting: 1, the test motor steering is correct, from the top of the motor to the pump as clockwise rotation, the test time is short so as not to make the mechanical seal dry wear. 2, open the exhaust valve so that the liquid filled the entire pump, to be closed after the exhau

Protect Your Racking From Accidental Damage

Protect Your Racking From Accidental Damage When your business invests in good quality racking and shelving, it is a good idea to try and protect it from accidental damage. You can't legislate for every eventuality but you can, with a few caref

No outono de 2017 um convite para o auto show de a

No outono de 2017 um convite para o auto show de a Respeito do cliente: Olá! Eletrotécnico a queda, graças a você e a sua empresa de apoio e atenção desde a longo prazo.Isto nos leva a chinesa yi wu e moto as feiras com produtos e acessórios feira autom

Discussion on the Problem of Water Supply Network Valve

The water distribution network distributes the tap water discharged from the waterworks to millions of households. Therefore, the water distribution network is located in every corner of the city, ranging from a few hundred kilometers in length to as many as thousands of kilometers. The irreplaceabi

Valve conditions and operation of the application

Gate valve is the closing member (gate) along the centerline of the vertical movement of the valve. Gate valve in the pipeline can only be fully open and all off with off, not for regulation and throttling. Gate valve is the use of a wide range of valves, the general diameter DN ≥ 50mm cutting