How many types of valves in our country

China's valve production of about 2,300 more than three, can provide several major categories of valve products, more than 3500 varieties, more than 40,000 specifications. (1) Urban Construction Valves: The Urban Construction Department adopts low-pressure valves in general, and is currently dev

Valve body type selection and influencing factors

Control valve, also known as control valve, by adjusting the control unit to receive the control signal output, with the help of power to change the fluid flow. Regulating valve generally by the implementing agencies and valves. If you press the actuator used by its power, the control valve can be d

AGV material handling equipment news conference

Sino - Israeli Conference on Robotics & Smart Manufacturing Signing Ceremony September 10, 2015 held in Guangzhou, "Guangzhou China to Sino-Israeli Robot Institute of AKODI smart logistics robot project strategic cooperation framework agreement" project signing cere

FAQ of cold room system

Q1. What is the material of cold storage panel? Stainless steel, Painted galvanized steel or Galvanized steel Q2. What is the thickness of the cold storage panel? The thickness of the cold storage panel is 75mm, 100mm, 120mm,150mm, 180mm, and 200mm. Q3. What is the applicable temp range base

How to choose the right safety valve

Selection of safety return valve: The nominal pressure of the safety valve is determined by the operating pressure. The operating temperature of the safety valve is determined by the operating temperature. The calculated constant pressure value of the safety valve determines the constant pressure ra

The Perfect Maize Milling Machine Design

When looking for a maize milling machine design and maize milling machine manufacturer, I recommend you chooseing Jinggu machinery. Because they have been around this long, they have been part of all the major technological changes in the maize milling manufacturing industry. Jinggu machienry off