EU project to study high-altitude wind power technology

As a clean and renewable energy source, modern wind power generation technology, with the rapid progress of technology, has great potential to replace traditional fossil fuel power generation. However, up till now, wind farms mainly use tower wind turbines, and usually utilize relatively inefficie

Sinotruk's global strategy leads to major export growth!

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, also known as Sinotruk, achieved double-digit growth in exports last year, in contrast to the slump in sales for most truck manufacturers across China. "Sinotruk's competitiveness in international markets is taking shape after years of development and sale

Solenoid valve sealing material

Solenoid valve sealing material currently has the three most commonly used. NBR butadiene rubber (nitrile butadiene rubber) by butadiene and acrylonitrile emulsion polymerization, the main use of low-temperature emulsion polymerization nitrile rubber production, excellent oil resistance, high wear r

Universal Testing Machine Export to Iran

Orders with Iranian customers are delivered smoothly In July 2017, our company received inquiries from Iranian customer. We recommended 600KN Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine to customer after deep communications. customer was satisfied with price and parameters.

Synchronous belt linear motion rail advantages

Linear motion guide for synchronous belt slide belt drive, linear module dynamic synchronous belt, with the extensive application of electromechanical integration equipment, general machine tools, CNC motor bed workbench, such as cutting machine, laser engraving machine, spraying, printing, drawing,

Valve fire test common problems

The petrochemical industry has a complicated production process and most of the raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and various auxiliary materials used in the production process are flammable and explosive substances, which can easily lead to fire and explosion accidents. How