GB flanged ductile iron butterfly valve D341X-16Q

D341X flange rubber butterfly valve This valve can be used for cutting media, but also for the regulation of the flow of media used. Drive device according to user requirements, respectively, can be manual, electric, pneumatic and other methods. Shanghai Hongfeng butterfly valve using different ma

Six steps to use a generator--CHAORAN Generator

Portable generators are used in areas where there are frequent blackouts, or where a power source is not available from the local municipality. Knowing how to properly start your generator during and emergency situation prevents panic when the time comes. It's recommended that you regularly test you

Centrifugal pump should be how to keep

â‘  not yet installed on the unpainted pump surface should be coated with a suitable rust inhibitor, lubricated bearings should be filled with the appropriate oil, grease-lubricated bearings should be filled with only a grease, do not Use mixed grease. â‘¡ a short time pump clean liquid, f

Forged steel cryogenic shut-off valve features

Forged steel cryogenic shut-off valve for cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment management system, with the switch flexible, reliable sealing characteristics can also be used for other low temperature and cryogenic medium management system. Room temperature valve is the medium temper

1.8T turbocharger pump practical application tips

Cold Truck Startup When the engine is cold, require the driver to move the vehicle for at least 30 seconds after the engine starts to run at idle speed, and try to avoid the stuck pump failure caused by too high speed of the turbine pump when the engine oil is cold after the cold start. Turbocharge