What is the video cable - Kabling Video Cable

Video cable refers to transmit video signals (VIDEO) cable, as a signal transmission monitoring system. General Model: SYV75-X (X on behalf of its insulation outer diameter of 3mm / 5mm, the larger the number the thicker diameter) SYV in S --- coaxial cable, Y --- polyethylene, V --- polychloropr


Grain Silo is equivalent to a bin used to storage grains (wheat,corn,paddy,soybean etc).It's assembled by corrugated steel sheets,using bolts to connected . The complete processing line for the grain storage silo has 4 parts : 1. Raw grain part: As usual , the raw

Substation Structures' Classification and overview

Substation Structure is to contact the user of the intermediate links and transformation and Power plants distribution of electric energy plays a role. Classification of substation the following categories: 1. In accordance with the status and role of substations in the power system can be divided

US interest rates

Bond investors are betting that US interest rates willremain near historic lows following mixed signalsfrom the Federal Reserve, highlighting apersistentgulf in expectations between the central bank andmarkets. A day after the Fed dropped its pledge to be [patient" over lifting rates

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