Self-regulating valve anti-plug anti-card six methods

1, Love wash method: welding slag, rust, slag and other piping in the throttle, guide parts, under the valve cover to balance the hole caused by blockage or stuck so that the valve surface, the guide surface of the resulting injury and scratches . In this case, you must uninstall the cleaning, rem

Jin Dafeng contrarian growth key

Xu Xiangqian told reporters that the company is located in medium-sized enterprises, with large enterprises than the price and speed of response, with small businesses than the quality and service. Very rare is that in the inventory become the industry's normalization "landscape" on the occ

Consumer Trustworthy Enterprise

Qijiang Yongyue Gear Co., LTD awarded the "consumer trustworthy enterprise" honorary title for 2017 for the chongqing municipal government. We have continuously gotten this honor for 13 years . Through the efforts of all staff, strictly quality control process to meet customer's demand for the re

The characteristics and scope of the flash dryer

The flash dryer has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, short drying time and good energy saving effect. The paste-like material can be directly dried to form a powdery dry product, saving the pre-treatment before drying, drying and crushing, screening and other processes; due to drying speed

Arc gear pump

Arc gear pump advantages: Circular arc gear pump is considered to be the most advanced pump Consecutive contact with the gear, that is, double arc plus sinusoidal compound into tooth shape, can be completely eliminated involute gear pump. Won the national major scientific and technological achievem

Self-priming sewage pump common troubleshooting

ZW-type self-priming sewage pump is self-priming and non-clogged sewage in one, the axial flow of mixed, and through the pump. Impeller flow channel of the unique design, you can send water can also be sent to send particles and fibers Sewage and manure. Widely used in municipal sewage projects, p